Permanent Orienteering Courses

We have 3 permanent Orienteering venues for your enjoyment whenever you like!

Just download maps from the links below and use them on your phone, or print them.

Victoria Esplanade - Palmerston North     [Where is it?]

Bason Gardens - Whanganui  [Where is it?]

Tutaenui Reservoir - Marton  [Where is it?]

Orienteering involves using a map to find your way cross-country around a set course. The course consists of a series of checkpoints called controls. You can run, jog, walk or bike at Tutaenui.

The map gives a detailed representation of the terrain. Study the legend to work out what the different symbols and colours mean. The challenge is to navigate a good route between controls.

The purple circles on the map indicate the features where control markers are placed. They are orange and white squares. The control markers are placed on posts by features, e.g. track junction or on the actual feature, e.g. Bridge, NW end. Just write the code on the marker into the corresponding square.

The control markers for you to find look like this.


Orienteering in New Zealand